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在使用RRDTool的Python Lib库的时候, 每次都要import rrdtool-python-lib的绝对路径

import sys


import rrdtool

import tempfile

rrdpython文档中说只要运行site-python-install这个命令就可以不用append那么长了囧, 作为一个python初心者我只能updatedb然后locate site-python-install. 然后CentOS告诉我没有...
G, 在rrdtool 1.3.1的Makefile中发现了这么一段.
site-perl-inst: site-perl-install

site-perl-install: all bindings/perl-piped/Makefile bindings/perl-shared/Makefile

cd bindings/perl-piped && $(MAKE) install

cd bindings/perl-shared && $(MAKE) install

site-tcl-install: all

cd bindings/tcl && $(MAKE) tcl-install

site-python-install: all

cd bindings/python && $(PYTHON) install

OK, 在安装完之后,进入/PATH/TO/RRDTOOL-VERSION-SRC/bindings/python目录

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