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jsr 133 Java Memory Model and Thread Spec

jsr 166 Concurrency Utilities

jsr 221 JDBC 4.0

jsr 255 JMX Spec

jsr 310 Date and Time API

jsr 338 Java Persistence 2.1

jsr 340 Servlet 3.1


jsr 001 Real-time Spec for Java

jsr 170 Content Repository for Java tech API                                                                         

jsr 174 Monitoring and Management Spec for JVM

jsr 175 A Metadata Facility for Java PL

jsr 202 Java Class File Spec

jsr 250 Common Annotations for the Java Platform

jsr 263 Fault Management API

jsr 291 Dynamic Component Support for Java SE (OSGI)

jsr 295 Bean Binding

jsr 319 Availability Management for Java

jsr 330 Dependency Injection for Java

jsr 335 Lambda Expression for Java PL

jsr 365 Context and Dependency Injection for Java 2.0

jsr 352 Batch Application for the Java Platform

jsr 354 Money and Currency API

jsr 356 Java API for WebSocket

jsr 367 Java API for JSON Binding

jsr 368 Java Message Service 2.1

jsr 369 Servlet 4.0

jsr 370 Java API for RESTful(Represenetational State Transfer) Web Service 2.1 Spec

jsr 371 MVC Spec

jsr 374 Java API for JSON Processing 1.1

jsr 907 Java Transaction API


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