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最近在折腾Maven和Sonatype的Nexus, 倒霉催的国内和公司网络...

Nexus配合finalspeed或者kcptun倒是很给力,  但是Intellij就经常出问题, 出现红字也不动, 默认开了auto import也无效

解决方式是在IDEA右侧Maven Projects面板中, 点击M图标的CMD

输入mvn -U idea:idea



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jsr 133 Java Memory Model and Thread Spec

jsr 166 Concurrency Utilities

jsr 221 JDBC 4.0

jsr 255 JMX Spec

jsr 310 Date and Time API

jsr 338 Java Persistence 2.1

jsr 340 Servlet 3.1


jsr 001 Real-time Spec for Java

jsr 170 Content Repository for Java tech API                                                                         

jsr 174 Monitoring and Management Spec for JVM

jsr 175 A Metadata Facility for Java PL

jsr 202 Java Class File Spec

jsr 250 Common Annotations for the Java Platform

jsr 263 Fault Management API

jsr 291 Dynamic Component Support for Java SE (OSGI)

jsr 295 Bean Binding

jsr 319 Availability Management for Java

jsr 330 Dependency Injection for Java

jsr 335 Lambda Expression for Java PL

jsr 365 Context and Dependency Injection for Java 2.0

jsr 352 Batch Application for the Java Platform

jsr 354 Money and Currency API

jsr 356 Java API for WebSocket

jsr 367 Java API for JSON Binding

jsr 368 Java Message Service 2.1

jsr 369 Servlet 4.0

jsr 370 Java API for RESTful(Represenetational State Transfer) Web Service 2.1 Spec

jsr 371 MVC Spec

jsr 374 Java API for JSON Processing 1.1

jsr 907 Java Transaction API


JSR list

quartz的full distribution里面没有附带src的jar, 只得自己编译

Often users are confronted with the need to build against JARs provide by Sun like the JavaMail JAR, or the Activation JAR and users have found these JARs not present in central repository resulting in a broken build. Unfortunately most of these artifacts fall under Sun's Binary License which disallows us from distributing them from Ibiblio.

解决方案也就是自己添加相应的repository, 在自己的POM文件或者settings.xml中添加


            <name> Repository for Maven</name>
            <name>Jboss Repository for Maven</name>
ps1: maven官网说新建个 repository条目即可, 但是java.net的maven仓库已经没有jms了 =,= 还是jboss的repository比较给力
ps2: 顺带提供编译好的quartz-2.0.1-src.jar


纯抱怨, 以前的Sun(Oracle) JDK在下载的时候,要点击一堆Agreement才能在浏览器里面单线程下载,拖到迅雷离线里面也很难下载,只能等80MB在chrome里面一点点单线程拖下载
今天JDK6U25发布, 打开oracle网站, 赫然发现Oracle已经提供了JDK直接下载地址,Terminal下axel -n 10 一把,速度很给力啊
[100%]  .......... .......... .......... .......... ..........  [4494.4KB/s]
Downloaded 81.1 megabytes in 18 seconds. (4485.71 KB/s)
顺带bs一下电信通, 居然无法连接的80

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